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3W MR16 LED Warm (2700K)



3W MR16 LED Warm (2700K)

Product Description

Ubiquitous halogen MR16s and their LED replacements caused our team to question if it would be beneficial or useful to create our own MR16 model. The LED replacements on the market always just fell short of the halogens in terms of lumen output and beam angle options; and the bulb size is so small that the challenges of designing a LED MR16 are immense. However, as MR16 LED bulbs with active cooling methods (i.e. powered fans akin to those used for computer hard drives) began to enter the market, we realized there was a unique opportunity for our Citadel LEDs to solve the heat problem other LEDs were running up against. Hence, our team began to design a new MR16 bulb.

Our final design achieved the highest energy efficiency on the market, while performing as one of the higher lumen output MR16s on the market. The project’s success was driven by 3 major factors:

  1. Citadel LEDs' proprietary technology innately generates less heat per LED, reducing the amount of heat that must be managed through the heat sink.

  2. We increased the surface area available for heat dissipation on the LED itself to create better thermal management at our targeted lumen output levels.

  3. The Citadel LED allowed our designers to eliminate the secondary optics, while still creating MR16s with 30 degree or less beam angles.

Using Citadel LED solved the two main challenges of heat and light control. However, the final challenge was the circuitry. As MR16s are a 12V, low voltage product, our engineering team had to create a custom low voltage circuit that could still fit inside our of MR16's tiny form factor. Our electrical designers tested multiple combinations before finding one that finally met our MR16's stringent size requirements.


Additional Information

  • 90% energy savings
  • Low heat production eliminated safety hazards in exposed areas
  • Extended time between replacements
  • Minimized waste.
  • High quality, beautiful light
  • Built in primary optics allow for higher lumen output and higher energy efficiency
  • World leading energy efficiency
  • Replace less bulbs to reduce waste and save labor
  • Significantly less heat generated can lead to major AC savings


  • Track Lighting
  • Accent Lighting
  • Decorative Lighting


Wattage                                                           3W
Lumen Output                                                   250 lm
Lumens Per Watt                                              88 lm/W
Light Color                                                        Warm White (2700K)
Color Rendering Index (CRI)                                80
Base Socket                                                     GU5.3
Voltage                                                            12V
Beam Angle                                                      30°
LED Driver                                                        Citadel
LED Package                                                   Citadel
Rated Life                                                         50,000 Hours

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